Our Croquet Coaches

Wayne Davies


It should come as no surprise that, in less than 2 1/2 years of taking up the sport, Wayne finished in 5th place in the 2007 US Nationals. When you consider that he was World Champion of Real Tennis from 1987-1994, international squash player and former US Professional Rackets Champion then it all starts to make sense.

Not only that, but when you combine his knowledge of sport's psychology with his school teacher's degree plus over 20 years of teaching sport you can see why we get excited to have him on-board!


David Bent

david bent

David has been one of America's leading players for many years now. He has proven his versatility again and again in all forms of the game, as is feared the world over as one of the best single ball shooters around.

He was the fastest player to ever gain a zero handicap (US Rules), is certified by the USCA as a National Director, Instructor and Referee.οΎ  David has played in 2 World Championships (is selected for 2008 Worlds), the Solomon Cup and has been coaching and playing professionally for more years than I can remember.

david bent

John Riches

john riches

John is on board as team consultant, and we are lucky to have him! Renowned the world over as one of the leading thinkers in the game, he has trained our team in the finer points of Association.

"Tactics, tactics, tactics!" is his mantra - and who can argue with one who boasts a record such as his?

john riches cannon