Croquet Professionals - What we do

We are self-proclaimed croquet evangelists, spreading the word to all who will listen about our great game!

If your are after the latest techniques, world-leading instruction, video analysis, sports psychology and enthusiastic teachers then you have come to the right place.

Our teaching centers are located in Palm Beach FL and Nantucket MA, although we do of course travel to your location if you prefer.

So read on about our highly qualified professionals, enquire further about our schools, or check out our blog to test your knowledge of the game!

About Our Blog

We think that this is an exciting new feature.

You will soon see that it is NOT just your normal blog.οΎ  This one gives in depth analysis, plus both animations and film of the problems being solved!

We hope that some of you will pose some questions of your own, or even submit your own videos. If you do you may like to make use of such websites as "", as the file size is generally very large.

Please remember that this is a "moderated" blog - meaning that all comments need to be approved before you will see them!

We hope to hear from you soon!